List of Organizations created by players.Edit

There are many organizations in the Star Citizen, here we're going to add those we know about. (If anyone knows of an organization that is not already on the list, or have any suggestions, please contact me about it and I'll add it here. My e-mail address is: "" )Edit

  • 907th
  • Harrington & Newell
  • Fury
  • Ferrous-Corporation
  • Nova Prime
  • The Order
  • The Remnants
  • The Unified Galactic Empire
  • Titan Union
  • Trident Outfit
  • Omni Vigilant Gypsies
  • Pagan
  • Sententia Vigilum
  • Space Rescue and Recovery Service
  • Nexus Corporation
  • 9th Security Industries

Informations about listed Organizations.Edit

You can find more detailed information on the listed organizations, here: