The following article is a Player Organization, and should not be considered official Star Citizen lore.


About UsEdit

Founded in 2040 by former NYPD detective Patrick O’Niel, L.A.I.R.D. was the first independent police force in human space. Founded to protect Demeter mining station on Jupiter’s moon Io the department started out apprehending smugglers and other lowlifes, but quickly found themselves dealing with crimes ranging from FUIs to murder. Over the nine centuries since it’s founding, L.A.I.R.D. have developed a reputation for incorruptibility and dutiful service, so long as they get paid on time.

L.A.I.R.D. have a reputation; Loyalty, for a Price. No member of the department has has ever taken a bribe except where client has reneged on payment. Whatever the crime, we are here to protect the innocent, enforce the law and lay down our lives in your service.

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