Economy/Business News from Aaron Schere, an economic analytic from Farnes Media Partners.Edit

In this weekly news Mr. Schere tells people interesting economic news in the UEE, that other medias won't tell. So small merchants and freelancers can use this infos and make some money from economic situations otherwise hushed up.

Meaning of the name "Kaizen"Edit

Kaizen is a japanese word (Kanji: 改善 or カイゼン) composed of Kai = "change" and Zen = "for the better".

About 900 years ago after World War II on Earth, this practises were developed in Japan and stay for a continuous improvement of processes in manufacturing, engineering and even business management. It shall improve all work processes, humanize the workplace, eliminate overly hard work and eliminate waste (material and time lag). The manufacturer of land based vehicles named "Toyota" was one company, who made this known worldwide on Earth.

As a manangement system it is called Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) too.

Content of IssuesEdit

Issue 1 - March 19th 2013Edit

Stanton System

Mining operations on MicroTech seem to be stopped, but fuels and repair parts are still needed.

Chronos System

“Breakthrough” in the Synthworld project. UEE invoices for geoengineering technology and raw materials have been getting approved. So contact your local UEE rep to see exactly what they’re looking for.

Ellis System

Because of the approaching of the Racing season, planets in Ellis are starting to collect bulk food and raw materials for constructing the various temp tracks and skyboxes. To keep costs down they want to buy from independent contractors.

Davien System

The terrible storms ravaging Davien II, specifically around New Arden caused desperate need for medical supplies, food and construction materials.

Issue 2 - July 31st 2013Edit

Supply difficulties of RSI and Anvil Aerospace caused by ... Alcohol.

The ship manufacturer RSI issued a statement to its dealerships reporting that they would be unable to fulfill delivery requirements for the next two cycles, without citing a reason or an exact date. Anvil released a similar statement a few days later. This one was followed by a series of organized strikes from the production unions who claimed that Anvil had frozen their production facilities and was denying their obligation to pay their employees.

On Lorona in the Banshee system FoveaInc operates a small facility that produces short carbon. The factory’s management team thought that they could increase their factory’s output by deeming the possession and consumption of alcohol to be in violation of company policy. But it seemed to have the opposite effect. After some fights the employees gave up and slowed down the production rate.

FoveaInc is the exclusive provider of short carbon for both Jahr FabriCorp and Vance Super Industrial. These two corporations use the short carbon to create diamond laminate for the construction of cockpit glass. Each of those corporations have signed exclusive contracts to provide cockpit glass to RSI and Anvil Aerospace.

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