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Most ships are stored in hangars when not in use. There will be four tiers of hangars available at launch, and the hangar a player receives is based on what ships they have bought,[1] and will be customizeable to a limited extent.[2]

The initial hangar release did not include Oculus Rift support[3], however it was promised in a future version.[4] Hangar patch 11.1, released on February 26, 2014, included that support.[5]

We are going to be updating all the hangars and I agree about the Asteroid Hangar it is looking sweet.

–Eric Peterson[6]

Hangars were temporarily upgraded to Deluxe versions to display the two The Next Great Starship finalists on June 6, 2014.[7]


  • Inspecting ships
  • Refitting ships[8]
  • Testing equipment[9]
  • Training simulations[10]
  • Storage
The idea of the hangar is, besides your ships you'll get some extra space to keep some goods and cargo. The same would apply for something like a warehouse. So when you go to a commodities exchange or store, even with NPCs you should see the goods sitting there, it's all visual. It's not like a screen that says 'you have this many tons', you actually go in and you'll see pallets of items.

–Chris Roberts[11]

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