Hadur was part of the Perry Line ceded to the Xi’An as part of the Akari/Kray Treaty. The Xi’An have begun terraforming a pair of planets in the system and are willing both to employ human labor and to purchase human-delivered goods as part of the process. A seemingly endless supply of heavy metals, fertilizers, heavy machinery and clean water is required, and the Xi’An as always pay top dollar for items they need.

The Xi’An and the UEE continue to patrol the system together, with an elite UEE police unit stationed near the star’s outer marker. Both governments claim the effort is an example of the evolving friendship between the two powers and it is not unusual to see Xi’An craft flying on the wing of UEE patrol ships. As a result, the system is on the short list for future UEE/Xi’An “First Laser” military training exercises.[1]


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