Governor Plagued by Scandal is a newspaper article by Viola Filler published in Terra Gazette in September 24, 2638[1].


In this article Assan Kieren defends himself against the recent accusations. He suspects a UEE-driven fraud in the failed Terran referendum for sovereignty[1].

Full ArticleEdit

No matter where Assan Kieren seems to turn, he is met by another accusation. Since proposing his motion for sovereignty six months ago, the Governor has battled accusations ranging from infidelity to drug addiction to corruption. The Governor released a statement earlier today to all the NewsOrgs.

“These allegations are baseless in the extreme and are simply trying to distract from the real issue. The Imperator and his minions have mangled the processes of government by ignoring the clear will of the people to emancipate themselves from a corrupt and vile government.”

Kieren explained that he’s obtained evidence of voter tampering and outright fraud by employees on UEE payroll. This evidence has been entered into the court system and will be part of his ongoing federal case against Imperator Messer III.

–Viola Filler, Terra Gazette, September 24, 2638[1]


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