Give me the Galaxy

Pledgers of 10,000$/8,000€ will receive a Wing Commander Package containing:[1]

  • Spaceship shaped USB stick of game and all digital elements
  • CD of game soundtrack
  • Fold up glossy full color map of the game universe
  • Set of 5 Ship Blueprints
  • 10 inch painted model of your in-game ship
  • Hardback bound 42-page book: 'The Making of Star Citizen' including loads of behind the scenes images and info, prelim concept art, development stories…
  • Hang for a day with Chris Roberts and key peeps on the dev team!

They will also receive RSI Constellation spaceship with custom skin and an option to name it, 20,000 credits, a Titanium Citizens Card and 1 Million Mile High Club Ownership.

This pledge grants Commander title and an exclusive access to the Alpha and Beta versions of the game.


  1. Wing Commander pledge level on Kickstarter

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