Fishtank Gold

A fish tank decoration for the hangar with a rare gold Midas fish.

Fish tank

A Screen shot of the Fish tank in a Businesses Hangar.

The Fish tank is a decoration for the Hangar. You can add more fish to your tank by exploring distant planets and collecting new species.[1]

The Fish tank was announced and given out to backers when the $20 Million stretch goal was reached. It included a rare gold Midas fish, found on the planet Cassel in the Goss system for those who had pledged before the $20 million stretch goal.[1]

Shop DescriptionEdit

This beautifully decorated tank comes from the Ten Thousand Seas Corporation. Stock it with exotic fish from across the verse to build a collection that will be the envy of all your friends.

The Fishtank Mark I comes with a Menarik fish[2]. This also applies if the Fishtank Mark I was obtained in the $20 million stretch goal, even though the stretch goal does not explicit mention the Menarik fish as an included item.


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