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About Us

Ours is the Fury or FURY started as an idea in Autumn of 2013 and opened its doors for recruitment in Spring of 2014. We are an organization that wants to succeed. That may sound like a meaningless platitude; every organization wants to succeed, but not all organizations know how. The founders of FURY have experience with leadership roles in many other games over the last decade.

While there is always going to be an overriding guideline, practice or principles, as outlined in our charter, FURY is segmented into branches with specific functions and, ultimately, specific goals. We want to give people an opportunity to do what they feel is best for them. Whether that's through a more militaristic branch such as our Fleet Academy, Strategic Air Guard or Special Expeditionary Forces. Or through more commerce or exploration oriented fields such as the Logistics and Industry Corps or Stellar Archives. We don't want to force anyone into something they themselves don't want to do. Because in the end, this is a game and we play games to have fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Ours is the Fury?

A: Ours is the Fury, or FURY, is an Organization in the Star Citizen persistent universe.

Q: When did FURY begin?

A: FURY started as an idea in Autumn 2013 and began recruitment in early 2014.

Q: What is FURY's goal?

A: Our goal is to create a highly organized and driven organization, promoting cooperation but also autonomy.

Q: Is FURY a Role-Playing Organization?

A: Strictly speaking, no. However, in a game like Star Citizen we see role-playing as more of a means to an end. Many people within our divisions may fill certain roles and be expected to carry them out in a fitting manner, but we don't adhere to any kind of characterisation principles.

Q: Is FURY open to anyone?

A: We fully expect to include members from all corners of the globe as part of our operations.

Who Can Join?

Ours is the Fury is open to anyone aged 17 or older, though special circumstances may warrant deviation in that rule. However we will not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, nationality, creed or sexual orientation. The only deviation is in regards to Language, the primary language for FURY membership is English. All communications and documentation will be provided in English, so a certain level of proficiency is preferable. In short we will entertain membership from anyone who shares our commitment and willingness to strive. We want quality, drama-free players.


Fleet Academy (FURY)

Operational Responsibilities

  • Governance
  • Fleet Operations
  • Multi-Crew/Capital Ship Command

The Fleet Academy of FURY represents the foundation of the organization's military strength. Serving as both a point of government and warfare. Residing within the Fleet Academy's hierarchy is the high command for all operations within the organization. Representing all decisive power from which the remaining divisions receive direction. In addition it represents the largest cooperative body of officers and crewmembers.

Strategic Air Guard (STAG)

Operational Responsibilities

  • Close Air Support
  • Escort
  • Tactical Operations

The Strategic Air Guard is the primary tactical support branch of FURY. Focused around small combat crafts and multi-role tactical vessels, primarily engaged in ship-to-ship combat and tactical strikes. STAG groups operate from within Fleet Academy vessels or within independent tactical wings.

Special Expeditionary Force (X4)

Operational Responsibilities

  • Asset Security
  • Assault and Incursion

The Special Expeditionary Force is the infantry and support branch of the organization. Chiefly responsible for ship-board asset protection and security as well as ship-to-ship incursions.

Logistics and Industry Corps (LOGIC)

Operational Responsibilities

  • Trade
  • Mining
  • Transport
  • Manufacturing

The Logistics and Industry Corps comprises multiple important disciplines within the organization: Trade, Transport, Resource Development/Exploitation and Manufacturing. This division is ideal for driven individuals looking for a less military oriented experience within the organization. Persons who derive satisfaction from traveling the persistent universe within Star Citizen and interacting with a vast economy.

Stellar Archives (STARC)

Operational Responsibilities

  • Exploration
  • Prospecting
  • Exploitable Resources

Freedom to travel and explore the galaxy. The second of two non-military oriented branches of the organization. Stellar Archives (STARC) is tasked with the exploration and discovery of new regions and resources for the organization. Discovering new jump points, exploitable resources for industry and more. Operating typically single crew or small multi-crew ships, STARC offers players the opportunity to be their own boss.


1. General

  • 1.1 At no time are organization members to forget to treat their fellow members with respect. While having a sense of humour can go a long way, anything deemed to be excessively offensive, racist/xenophobic, sexist or derogatory will not be tolerated.
  • 1.2 Be professional outside of the organization. This organization does not exist to shelter "shitlords" whose sole purpose is to make other people miserable. Griefing, flaming, trolling or otherwise acting in bad taste is not tolerated. All members are ambassadors of this organization. Act accordingly.
  • 1.3 While we try to maintain open involvement, ultimately this organization is not a democracy. Decisions are made, often in real time, and it's essential that they're carried out for the benefit of everyone. If you have an idea, we would love to hear it but do so in an appropriate manner by contacting your immediate point of command in private.
  • 1.4 Use common sense. If at any point you have to stop and ask yourself "should I do this?" or "is this acceptable?" It would be safe to assume it is not something you should be doing or saying.

2. Recruitment

  • 2.1 This organization is intended for players 17 years of age or older. Special circumstances may warrant a deviation in this rule, such as; demonstrated maturity, reputation, recruitment necessity or based on the recommendation of an officer.
  • 2.2 All applications are considered on an individual basis. Group applications from Friends or Family is encouraged but we must evaluate everyone separately.
  • 2.3 Upon receipt and acceptance of an application, that person will receive an invitation to join on the RSI/Star Citizen website. There may be an initial delay in assignment to a crew or squad as your application is shopped to the teams desiring members. You will be notified once you've been given orders.
  • 2.4 All new members must adhere to the rules defined in this charter.

3. Participation

  • 3.1 While Star Citizen is a free to play game and will naturally attract more casual players than other MMO's, there is a general expectation for you to be online on a regular basis. Especially if you're in an officer or command position. Limited playtime will have effects on your long term career as we expect high participation from higher ranked members.
  • 3.2 When given an assignment you become part of a team. That team may be collaborating with other teams, as such there are many members relying upon one another to be active during any operations or combat situations. Abandoning your position or ignoring orders can have ramifications for a lot of people and as such would not be tolerated. If you need to go AFK during an operation you must inform your immediate team leads so that coverage can be accommodated.

4. Career Progression

  • 4.1 All members have the potential to become leaders and we encourage it. However, there may not always be opportunities to move up. Promotions and commands are assigned as they are made available on a merit based priority. The reality is that there are far more crew positions than there are command positions. We would expect that every member can appreciate this and still commit their best efforts.
  • 4.2 We will promote internally before anything else. Ideally Captains and Executive Officers will move laterally or up a tier, with promotions internally. New ships will be populated with members before recruiting new persons.

As always, these rules are subject to change at any time and anything not explicitly mentioned here is not beyond the discretion of commanders and council members. Final decisions are left to commanders and council members.


For anyone interested in joining, please use our Application on our website at, not the Organization page on the official Star Citizen/RSI website.


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