Hornet F7C-R
Hornet F7C-R
ManufacturerAnvil Aerospace
Primary FocusScout/Command and Control
Secondary FocusInterception
Minimum Crew1 person
Maximum Crew1 person
Standalone Price$140[1]
Mass (empty)19 t
Cargo Capacity0 t
Upgrade Capacity [?]?
Max Power Plant3
Max Power Plant Size [?]3
Factory Power PlantLightning Powerbolt
Main Thrusters [?]TR4
Max Engine [?]
(primary thruster)
Factory EngineHammer Propulsion HM 4.3 (TR3)
Maneuvering Thrusters [?]TR2
Factory Maneuvering ThrustersAnvil Aerospace Flex MK2
Anvil Aerospace Joint MK2
Max Shield [?]4
ShieldGorgon Defender AllStop FR
HardpointsWeapons Systems
Class 2Klaus & Werner CF-117 Badger
Class 3none equipped, but can have 8 x S1 missiles if upgraded.
Class 4Radar Replacement (S2), Cargo replacement available (S2),
Canard turret available (S2)
Additional EquipmentWillsOp Long Look Radar package

If the Ghost is made to hide, the Tracker is made to seek. The F7C-R Tracker boasts an advanced radar suite making it ideal for deep-space explorers who require depth and accuracy in their scan packages. Local militia and larger merc units will also repurpose Trackers to act as mobile C&C ships for their squadrons.With a durable Hornet fuselage and the best scanning technology available, the Tracker doesn’t break away: it leads the pack[2].

Hornet Models  Edit

The Hornet is available in 6 types:

  1. F7A Hornet (military standard model)
  2. F7C Hornet (civilian standard model)
  3. F7C Hornet Wildfire (Masters of Flight series model)
  4. F7C-M Super Hornet (advanced civilian model)
  5. F7C-R Hornet Tracker (civilian scanner model)
  6. F7C-S Hornet Ghost (civilian stealth model)


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  2. RSIIcon Anvil Aerospace Hornet brochure on RSI Website (36.1MB PDF download)

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