The Eos Corporation was founded in the Terra system in the late 2800s as a small production company. In the decades since Eos has evolved substantially. From a small factory in the lower levels of a spire in New Austin to the Interstellar Trade Concern it is today.

Jason Bail and Ammos Gravit, childhood friends with a passion in robotics, decided to make a business utilizing their shared skills. In 2872 they founded their first company named Colonia Enterprises, which offered a rudimentary production and consisted of two multitasking robotic arms and some hocked together code.Bail went on to pursue a degree in robotic science at the University of Cologne, later dropping out of school to work at Origin. Gravit also studied off world. In March 2875; MISC was looking for programmers for some of their newer automated systems, Bail noticed this, and soon got a call from Gravit claiming to have the best idea of his career. The only problem was that MISC required a demonstration, and the two didn’t actually have the MISC hardware required to run their programs on, Bail was able to use his resources at Origin to build a simulator of MISC’s starship hardware. The two pitched the idea, and MISC agreed to distribute it, marketing it as Sirius Automatic. Using this deal Gravit and Bail officially established Eos Incorporated on April 4, 2875, with Gravit as the CEO. Bail came up with the original name of “Eos” the goddess of the dawn, symbolizing the good will he wanted the company to be known for.

Eos entered the interstellar trade market in 2888 with the purchase of a light freighter that had been previously scrapped. Continuing to establish what was to become a tradition of starting ventures humbly and rising to the occasion, Eos soon secured its first major deal. After negotiations with another company failed, Origin awarded a contract to Eos in November 2888 to move small ship parts from various manufacturing plants to Earth for assembly, set to be used in the upcoming launch of Origin’s ship line. For this deal, Eos purchased a two more light freighters, effectively tripling their trade capacity. Following the release of the Origin X3 in 2889, Eos retained their contract for quite some time. Jason Bail resigned from Eos in March after developing a terminal illness.

During the next few years, Eos experimented with a number of other failed consumer targeted products including ship mounted cameras, portable multimedia devices, video consoles, and holotable appliances. Enormous resources were also invested in the problem-plagued Kaiser division based on unrealistic market forecasts. Ultimately, none of these endeavors proved fruitful, as Eos’ market share and stock prices started to slide.

Eos saw much of its production line as being far too expensive to produce, while taking hits from piracy across the region. In 2895, Eos released the the Hiveworks information system, designed to display interesting facts about people the user sees by using spectrum searches and facial recognition software. The product was seen as invasive to privacy, and flopped.

Competitors continued to gain market share with products focusing on delivering cheap commodities while Eos was delivering richly engineered, but expensive, products and services. Eos relied on high profit margins and never developed a clear response to these markets.

By the late 2890s, Eos had entered the software market, developing alternative platforms to the common holotable and HUD systems, such as the E/X, developed with Xi’an layouts and licencing. Eos had also begun to experiment in providing a E/X only spectrum hub called E-System, developed in collaboration with a Xi’an company, and designed as a E/X-friendly alternative to other spectrum services. E-System was an unmitigated failure. To this day mentioning the name “E-System” or “E/X” is highly Taboo in Eos offices.

In 2896, Ammos Gravit (with the consultation of the retired Jason Bail) began a series of changes at Eos, including extensive layoffs. After repeated and numerous failed attempts to improve E/X, first with the Thorne project, then later with Kaiser and Mars. On July 9, 2897, The E-System and E/X were officially shut down and discontinued. Gravit began restructuring the company’s product line; it was during this period that Ammos, on a trip to Cassel, met the young translator he would end up marrying.

On August 15, 2898, Eos introduced a new lineup of products, focusing heavily on bringing planetary markets together, as well as renting out private security services out of their former Kaiser project. This new direction tried to use modern technology to its fullest, and target a uncommon market, it sold almost 800,000 units in its first five months.

Through this period, Eos purchased several companies to create a portfolio of professional and consumer-oriented secure trade. In 2888, Eos announced the purchase of Macro’s “Stargazer” market analysis, software, signaling its renewed expansion into the interstellar market. The following year, Eos established two new trade routes: the Cassel line for consumers and, for professional clients, a express route between Terra and Earth, which has gone on to be a significant profit booster for the company, with 800,000 registered clients in early 2890. In 2892, Eos purchased Compactoid software compression system for their advanced information transport ships, as well as Enigma encryption for their high priority runs, which led to the development of their consumer-level PENencryption. The release to two new ships the same year completed the software delivery suite.

In 2912, Gravit took a full year leave of absence to care for his newborn son, prompting Jason Bail’s brief return to the company to fill in. Six months into this, Bail’s health takes a turn for the worse, prompting Gravit to return early. Bail died in hospital shortly after. In 2937, Ammos invested a large amount of money in the faltering Bernardelli Mining and Manufacturing company, after meeting with their new board and Valentine Marx III. Bernardelli continues as a subsidiary of the Eos Corporation. The company continued as normal despite conflicts until 2942, when Ammos Gravit resigned as CEO, appointing his son, Victor, to his former position. Shortly after his rise to CEO, in 2943, Victor purchased Executive Frontier Protection services in a deal with Orin Feth. This bold purchase, while aggressive by the previous standards of Eos, was defended by Victor rigorously. After extensive re-branding, Executive Frontier Protection Services relaunched as Eos Frontier Protective Services in 2944. Despite this change, EFPS was unable to sustain the growth requirements for its contract with Eos. In Q4 2944 EFPS was folded into Eos entirely, significantly increasing the strength of the Security Division. During the aftermath of the Vanduul raid on Aremis in the Vega system, Eos Security and Cargo employees are sent to aid in the relief efforts. Several employees lost family and friends in the raid. Director Orin Feh lost his family in the raid. The Gravit Foundation is also taking strides to aid refugees of the devastation. Finding shelter for those who are displaced. Eos Security forces are engaging Vanduul daily on the border, skirmishing to aid Admiral Bishop in securing the territory. Having devoted a fleet of Freelancers, Cutlasses and Redeemers in the relief effort there is unprecedented cooperation between organizations to recover Aremis from the ashes.

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