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The Earth-Pinecone run was the first main commercial transport route between Sol and the Ellis system. The route itself changed and expanded after the proliferation of Terra, so now the Run links Earth and Terra (it still has a layover in Ellis). [1]

Important stopsEdit

  • Ellis IX (Walleye) is a gas giant which has been patterned for use as a refueling world. A whole service industry has formed for long-haul transport crews. [2]

Known EventsEdit

  • The mining and shipping consortium ArcCorp announced that they are going to field-test their first AI-piloted cargo vessel on the infamous Earth-Pinecone run. Public reaction to the news has been mixed at best. Some applaud this as a natural, next step in flight mechanics, while others decry the company for depriving thousands of their jobs in the midst of tough economic times.[3]


Suggested original route based on shortest count of jumps neededEdit

Sol System -> Croshaw system -> Davien system -> Cathcart system -> Nexus system -> Ellis system[4]

Suggested new route based on shortest count of jumps needed and stop in EllisEdit

Sol System -> Croshaw system -> Davien system -> Cathcart system -> Nexus system -> Ellis system -> Kilian system -> Terra system[4]


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