Unconfirmed independent contractorsEdit


Cloud Imperium Games Corporation'sEdit

  • Chris Roberts (Chairman, Chief Creative Officer and Co-CEO - Game Production)[1][2]
  • Ortwin Freyermuth (Vice Chairman & Co-CEO - Legal & Publishing)[3]
  • Jason Spangler (Chief Technology Officer)[4]

LOS ANGELES, CA (Business HQ - legal, publishing, marketing & accounting)Edit

Cloud Imperium Services, LLC - 1316 3rd Street Promenade, Suite 111 Santa Monica, CA, 90401Edit

  • Chris Roberts (Lead designer & Programmer)
  • Sean Tracy (Technical Director)
  • Ortwin Freyermuth (Legal & Publishing)[5]
  • Cindy Armstrong (Accounting) - no longer contracted with CIG[source?]
  • Sandi Gardiner (Vice President of Marketing)[6]
  • Ryan (Customer Service)[7]

The LA office mainly houses business related personnel, but some art, conceptual design and engineering will be done in LA:


  • Eric Kieron Davis - Senior Producer


Engineering & Programming

  • Forrest Stephan (in-engine rendering)[8]LinkedIn
  • Josh Strike (HUD/ Scaleform designer)
  • Paul Reindell - Lead Engineer
  • Mark Abent - Gameplay Programmer
  • John Pritchett - Senior Physics Programmer


  • Dave Haddock (Writer/Loremaster)[9]

AUSTIN (Production HQ - production, design, testing)Edit

Cloud Imperium Services, LLC - 1712 Rio Grande St., Ste 100, Austin, TX 78701Edit

  • Tony Zurovec (Director of Persistent Universe)
  • Sean Tracy (Technical Director)


  • Bryan Brewer (Lead Animator & Motion Capture Artist)[10]
  • Chris Smith (Lead Ship Artist, 3D Artist) [4][11]
  • Josh Coons (3D Artist)

Engineering & ProgrammingEdit

  • Kyle Rockman (Tools Programmer) [4]
  • Brendan Jackson (Senior Programmer-Graphics) [4]LinkedIn
  • Zane Bien (Web Front-End and UI Developer)[12][13][4]

Information Technology Edit

  • Rico Acosta (former Director of Information Technology)[14]


Media & ​Publications

Game Manuals/Technical WritingEdit

Media/Public RelationsEdit

  • David Swofford (PR, Conley Swofford Media)[19]

Community ManagersEdit

Montreal, CAEdit

The Montreal office is a partnership with Turbulent, a web developer for Star Citizen's back-end architecture.[21]

Frankfurt, Germany : Foundry 42 (Engine and Technology Development) Edit

  • Brian Chambers - Development Director
  • Alex Marschal -Senor Project Manager
  • Hannes Appel - Director of Cinematic
  • Todd Pappy - Design Director
  • Marco Corbetta - Senior Tech Director
  • Christopher Raine - Senior Physics Director

Manchester, United Kingdom : Foundry 42 (Squadron 42) Edit

  • Erin Roberts - Studio Director
  • Nick Elms - Design Director
  • Rob Johnson - Lead Gameplay Programmer
  • Jens Lind - Lead Games Programmer
  • George Kidd - Senior Programmer 
  • Francesco Roccucci - Lead AI Programmer
  • John Crewe - Lead Technical Designer
  • David Pollard - Developer?
  • Will Maiden - Developer?
  • Luke Pressley - Live Design Lead
  • Sean Noonan - Senior Designer LinkedIn
  • Robbie Elms - Designer
  • Dec - Designer
  • Paul Jones - Art Director
  • Nicholas Etheridge -3D Artist
  • Ian Stewart - Environment Artist
  • Ian Leyland- Environment Art Director
  • Hayo Koekkoek- Principal Environment Artist
  • Philip Howlett- Senior Artist
  • Jake Gainey- Senior Artist
  • Eddie Hilditch - Lead Environment Artist
  • Jatinder Malhotra - 3d Artist
  • Daniel Harris - 3D Environment Artist

Unconfirmed LocationEdit


  • Shawn (Front-End designer)


  • Aaron Frost (Staff Writer)


  • Ted Beargeon (Senior Concept Artist)[22]


  • Wayne (Site Admin)


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