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Stanton-Crusader Medium07

Crusader (Stanton II), is called “Cl” by the natives. It is an unusual world. Formed midway between a telluric world and a gas giant, Crusader’s small rocky core is enshrouded in an especially deep low-density atmosphere. Initial UEE terraforming efforts failed to allow unfettered habitation of the planet itself, but rendered the atmosphere breathable at high altitudes. The planet then became home to a military-constructed latticework of habitable floating platforms, since expanded exponentially to suit the needs of Crusader Industries. The situation is unusual, but ideal for Crusader, which makes large-scale commercial transport ships which would otherwise need to be built beyond the atmosphere. Being built in open air allows the cost of these ships to be reduced by almost 40% on the back end, which is often passed along to consumers. The company also provides quality housing for their employees — both in planetside domes and in habitats woven into the latticework — and the portion of the world available to visitors is usually considered the nicest port in the system. The shipyards themselves are eerily beautiful, with huge transport ships suspended in mid-atmosphere surrounded by a lighted webbing of Crusader facilities.



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