The title of Corvette was held by the Aegis Idris before it was promoted to a Frigate.[1] It is now held by the RSI Polaris.

Flying a corvette takes 23 people. Sure, some of them are NPCs, but flying with your buddies will be a lot of fun for players.

–Sandi Gardiner[2]


Historically in 'wet' navies, corvettes were small ship designs that filled the niche between frigates and the more specialized small ship types such as sloops and gunboats. Indeed, in some navies corvettes were classified as 'light frigates'. Corvettes on old Earth's oceans were primarily used in wartime for anti-submarine warfare and as convoy escorts. In addition some of the more advanced designs could also be used as reconnaissance or intelligence gathering vessels, a role they could also perform in more peaceful times (frigates have also been known to undertake this tasking). In peacetime corvettes were generally used for such duties as coastal/fishery patrols, providing training for new recruits, and supporting Search and Rescue or law enforcement operations where larger vessels were not available or else were considered to be overkill.


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