Home of the UEE Marines, Corin is a deadly ice world that is used for Marine command, housing and training. Dotted with icy tundras and craggy rock caves, Corin is technically outside the system’s green band. The Marines maintain a massive underground base, but also require that all trainees survive a six-month boot camp on the planet’s surface. Marine units not in the field are engaged in constant wargames here. Corin is one of the best-protected worlds in the galaxy, with a Marine carrier(Bengal class) preventing unauthorized access at all times. The best advice: do not approach.[1]


All pilots are warned not to attempt any approach vector to Corin .The UEE Marines garrisoned there have a standing shoot-to-kill order for all spacecraft entering their airspace. Insurance does not cover hull replacement for craft destroyed attempting to break past the cordon around Corin.[1]


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