• Esc: Menu
  • `: Opens console
  • F: Inner thought context sensitive menu
  • Hold F: Exit ship/chair
  • Z: Toggle freelook

First Person Edit

On Foot Edit

  • W, A, S, D: move around
  • Shift: hold for sprint
  • Ctrl: toggles crouch
  • Spacebar: jump
  • LMB:
    • Fire weapon if equipped
    • Modify port menu if port mod is selected
  • RMB: Aim down sights (ADS)
  • V: Use healing injector
  • B: Toggles walk and jog
  • F2: Toggles Augmented Reality
  • F3: Activates HUD
  • F12: Chat interface
  • F11: Toggle contact list

Ground Vehicle Edit

  • W, S: drive forwards/backwards
  • A, D: turn left/right
  • Shift: hold for boost
  • O: toggle lights
  • H: Honk horn

EVA Edit

  • W, A, S, D: move
  • Spacebar, Left Ctrl: strafe (up, down)

Combat EmotesEdit

  • Keypad 1: Left emote
  • Keypad 2: Stop emote
  • Keypad 3: Right emote
  • Keypad 4: Yes emote
  • Keypad 5: Go/Forward emote
  • Keypad 6: No emote

Space Edit


  • W, S: Throttle
  • Q, E: Roll (left, right)
  • Spacebar, Left Ctrl: strafe (up, down)
  • A, D: strafe (left, right)
  • Left Shift: Afterburn
  • X: Boost
  • Left Alt + X: Space Break
  • N: Toggle landing mode
  • F4: Toggle camera
    • First-person
    • Third-person cockpit view: hold to freely move camera with mouse and mouse wheel
  • B: engages Navigation Mode
    • Hold F: engage Quantum Drive
  • Alt + /: activate Mouse control for the HUD
  • 1: Power to Group 1
  • 2: Power to Group 2
  • 3: Power to Group 3
  • 4: Equalize Power
  • Hold Left Alt + L: Eject
  • Hold Left Alt + Backspace: self destruct

Flight stick axis swap Edit

Note: To swap yaw and roll on a joystick, open a console by pressing the ` key (usually at the top left on most U.S. keyboards) then enter the following, followed by pressing [ENTER]:
pp_rebindkeys Libs/Config/layout_joystick_spacesim.xml


Old GalleryEdit

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