Constellation Phoenix
Constellation poster v12bflat
ManufacturerRoberts Space Industries
FocusLuxury Yacht
Maximum Crew4[1]
Standalone Price$350[2]
1 HangarKruger Intergalactic P-72 Archimedes[1]
Mass (empty)81,000Kg[1]
Cargo Capacity135 Standard Cargo Units[1]
Max Power Plant Size [?]7
Factory Power Plant(Size 6)[1]
Max Engine [?]
(primary thruster)
Factory EngineTR5[1]
Maneuvering Thrusters [?]TR3[1]
Factory Maneuvering ThrustersTR3[1]
Max Shield [?]6[1]
HardpointsWeapons Systems
Class 24× (Size 4)[1]
Class 31× 7× (Size 2)
1× 12× (Size 2)
1× 7× (Size 2)
1× 12× (Size 2)[1]
Class 52× (Size 4)[1]
Class 91× Coming Soon (Automatic Point-Defense Gun)[1]
Additional EquipmentJump engine[1]
Lynx rover[1]
P-72 Archimedes[1]

The Constellation Phoenix is the luxury variant of the Constellation and can be operated as an organization command ship. The ship is distinguished by its redesigned interior including a mini-bar, hot tub, meeting room, wood and leather accents, and other high-end features. The ship also comes with a hidden sensor-dampened area for fragile cargo transport, a Lynx rover and a Kruger P-72 Archimedes Fighter.[1]

Ship Statistic InconsistenciesEdit

Please note that are some points of inconsistency between the two official statistical sources:

Cloud Imperium Games is aware of this and has requested that the differences be reported.[3]


See AlsoEdit


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