The following article is a Player Organization, and should not be considered official Star Citizen lore.

C.I.D. is an industrial corporation which specializes in producing primary resources and trade them with other organizations. The timeliness of our deliveries and the availability of resources are important to us. We deliver any ordered goods to agreed co-ordinates and securely deliver the cargo with our in-house escort service. Any other wishes or demands can be requested when contacting us about a trade and/or shipping special cargo.

This is what C.I.D. stands for:

C.: “Colonial” for claiming valuable and resource rich areas.

I.: “Industrial” for productive capacity as well as mining, manufacturing and salvaging operations.

D.: “Dynamics” for our flexibility in shipping, security and trade.

This page is only to give all viewers a basic idea about what we are doing.

If you want to learn more i would recommend you our homepage

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