Roberts Space Industries has a proud history of developing their own pressure suits. The holograph of the X-7 test team posing in front of their quantum jump engine in their silver-and-orange custom built space suits is among the most iconic images in the history of astronautics. These custom-fitted suits quickly became the standard for extrasolar space travel and the basis for all suits mass produced today. RSI suits retain a high degree of prestige for pilots today, as they are only available for purchase alongside a genuine RSI spacecraft and their manufacture continues to exhibit a high degree of care and comfort.

Roberts Space Industries produces a range of suits, from a basic Class I pressure enclosure to a Class IX mechanized heavy lifting suit. The Class II prototype suit, used by RSI’s elite core of in-house pilots, is the ideal cross between an easily maneuverable pressure suit and a bulkier high-protection environment suit. Class II suits allow for hours of survival in the case of a hull breach and up to 45 minutes of extravehicular activity.

The RSI suit comes standard with a pair of belt holsters capable of carrying a range of standard scanning equipment and a chest mount for a personal sidearm. An optional back-rack allows for the mounting of heavier mining equipment, assault weapons or the attachment of an RSI Manned Maneuvering Unit. The internal environment systems keep a pilot at Earth-normal temperature and pressure ranges with a less than 5 percent variance.[1]


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