I know everybody’s been talking about Charon III. As my daddy used to say, if war was a bar, these two are going at it like a couple drunks on payday.

Craig Burton[1]

Discovered late in the 25th Century, the remote system was home to the Messer's most notorious prisons. Shortly after the fall of the Messers, when declassified data of the atrocities commited in the system came to light, the Governors Council of Charon III officially renounced their recognition by the UEE, becoming the first and only planet to do so. Since then, the planet has been in a near constant state of turmoil as various factions have battled for political and social dominance.

Charon I Edit

Astrophysicists hypothesize that a collision knocked this small terrestrial planet into a decaying orbit slowly to be consumed by its star.

Charon II Edit

Thanks to a rolling atmosphere of carbon monoxide, the surface temperature of Charon II are so extreme that all attempts to terraform have failed.

Charon 2a Edit

Though this small moon has an atmosphere, it is far too volatile due to constant seismic acitvity.

Charon 2b Edit

This dead rock is littered with craters and ancient caves.

Charon III Edit

Terraformed by the dawn of the 26th Century, this temperate planet is home to the Phyi tower, considered one of the masterworks of Supermodernist architecture. The planet is currently locked in a bitter civil war between the states of Dellin and Acheron. The nonprofit-organization Empire's Overlooked has requested aid from haulers for the locals, since they have a hard time making money outside of weapons manufacturing, since most big companies have elected to avoid the troubled planet for fear of loosing ships. This is an actual problem, since tensions with the Vanduul have drawn UEE security away from the system, so there is little that can enforce safe travel for traders. Therefore, only skilled pilots are encouraged to help in this matter[2].

Charon 3a Edit

Depending on who you're talking to, this moon is either called Aiya or Touvoni.

Charon IV Edit

A large gas giant on the far side of the Gedanisho asteroid belt, Charon is a swirrling ball of methane and ammonia. This vast and cold planet inspired the name of the system.

Charon V Edit

A small world drifting on the fringes of the system. Surveyors never found anything on scans that would justify landing there.



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