ManufacturerDrake Interplanetary
Hangar Ready Date2.6
Flight Ready Date2.6
Primary FocusTransport
Secondary FocusPiracy
Minimum Crew1 (to fly)
Maximum Crew8
Standalone Price$295[1]
Mass (empty)84,516.25 Kg[2]
Cargo Capacity512 Standard Cargo Units[3]
Length111.57 m
Height14 m
Beam32.58 m
Upgrade Capacity [?]12
Max Power Plant Size [?]5
Top SpeedSCM: 100 m/s AB: 300 m/s
Main Thrusters [?]2× TR5
Maneuvering Thrusters [?]8× TR2
Max Shield [?]5[4]
HardpointsWeapons Systems
Class 1None
Class 2Behring M2A laser cannon Size 4 Equipped[4]
Class 3Size 4 Equipped[4]
Class 4Behring M5A laser cannon (turret) Size 4 Equipped[4]
Additional EquipmentL-Sys Mark III Tractor Beam

Official DescriptionEdit

Drake maintains that the Caterpillar, a sprawling, modular spacecraft which appears at least somewhat like its namesake, is for legitimate commerce and extended search and rescue missions... but at the end of the day, the Caterpillar is truly the evil twin of the Freelancer .[5][6]

Designed for supporting pirate operations, the Caterpillar features a large cargo hold for carrying loot, heavier armor than other freighters in its class and room for five crew able to serve in boarding operations. Despite its heavier armor, the Caterpillar isn't a bulldog... a successful operation will require a fighter escort.[5]

The ‘Cat is also intended as a platform for boarding operations. Pirates can marshal their shock troops aboard the ship and then force their way onto larger targets like frigates and cruisers![7]

Model E UpdateEdit

The Caterpillar model E[8] is a straight up, no frills hauler. The sheer number of options you can apply to it is truly staggering and will haul a large variety of cargo from raw minerals to human transport.  You can even compartmentalize the ships hold.

The offensive capabilities are a little light, but what it lacks in offense it more than makes up for in defensive options. It can take a beating and ask for seconds depending on the option combinations.

The biggest downside has nothing to do with the ship itself, but rather the reputation associated with it.  To every local cop, Advo, merc and Citizen, Drake ships are treated like suspects wherever they go. 

The biggest problem with the Caterpillar is the negative attention you’ll receive. Cops will probably scan you more often.  

Pros and ConsEdit


Caterpillar Concept Art


  • Command module can detach and self-pilot during emergency events
  • Many defensive configurations
  • Compartmentalized hold options
  • Large cargo hold


  • Slow
  • Light in offensive capabilities
  • Reputation: It attracts attention from Advocacy Agents, cops and mercenaries.[8]

Concept Art GalleryEdit



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