First landed-on in 2587 Carteyna is the only habitable planet located in the Cano System. It is unique in being a water world.


Multiple attempts had been made to try to convert the thick atmosphere into something breathable, but the process never seemed to stick. In fact, over the years, every time there was a new technological development in geo-engineering, they tested it out here on Carteyna only to yield the same result.

Almost fifty years ago, scientists discovered microscopic organisms in the very early phases of life in the depths of the oceans. This caused a massive uproar throughout the UEE at the prospect that they had been attempting to terraform a developing world.

Carteyna was immediately placed under the Fair Chance Act. Unfortunately, Humans had been living here for almost three hundred years and the families that had been there for generations felt that they had earned rights as residents. After years of debate in the political and scientific community, the population was allowed to stay, but only under certain conditions: future terraforming attempts have been outlawed and the Human population has been consolidated to a single arcology to minimize their impact on their environment and the development of whatever species is growing in the deep.[1]


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