The Cano System is home to a G-Type Main Sequence Star that is almost identical to the star found in the Sol System.[1]

After it was discovered that Carteyna (Cano II) was home to an indigenous lifeform, the system's only inhabitable planet was placed under the Fair Chance Act, 300 years after the planet had first been settled. Its inhabitants were forced to abandon all terraforming projects and restrict there settlements to a single arcology.

Cano IEdit

This tidally locked planet rapidly orbits the central star.

Carteyna (Cano II) Edit

Cano III Edit

Home to a small research station looking into terraforming smog planets.

Cano IV Edit

A large gas giant composed of multiple bands of reds and browns. Surface scans indicate that the surface suffers from massive storms, some as large as a thousand kilometers in diameter.


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