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The Brown Coats are a guild formed around Star Citizen, they are loosely based around the short-lived but much loved TV show Firefly. Though a guild in name they are really independent captains that will band together in times of need. With over 900 members and over 350 ships within the fleet we will focus on: Bounty Hunting, Trading, Security, Exploration, and Smuggling jobs. We will have something for everyone.


The guild was founded on the Star Citizen boards by MagiK, and has since grown to have 900+ people. The original Brown Coats thread can be found here. The offical Brown Coats website can be found here.

Who are the Brown Coats?Edit

Why we are just Big Damn Heroes. Or not…Sometimes we might not be carrying the most legal of cargo, but we actively seek to ensure we are not hurting plain simple folks. We won’t traffic in human slavery, nor harmful drugs. But we may occasionally transport someone who doesnt wish the general public to know they are traveling, or carrying guns, food or medicine to those in need. Brown Coats will also be explorers, traders, couriers and white hats riding to the rescue of those in need or suffering depredations of pirates.

The Law of the Land (Guild Rules)

1) DON'T trade in slaves or harmful drugs.
2) No piracy or griefing. If caught doing one of these two you will be removed ASAP.
3) If you receive a distress call from another member and are able to respond, you are expected to do so.
4) Don't bring unwanted attention from the UEE or others onto the clan. If you're going to break the law, don't get caught.

Key PersonnelEdit

We are collective, not a hierarchy all major decisions are made by group vote. The following are key personnel that help to keep things in line and working order.

Founder: MagiK

RP Mod/Wiki Admin: Lord Cromwell

Flightnight Organizer: SinhTKC

Guild ActivitiesEdit

We as a guild all ready have activities we do as group, such as Freespace flightnight, we have one just about every Thursday. There is also a group that plays World of Tanks, that any one is fee to play with. We also have forum role playing, that takes place in the RP section any one is welcome to join.

Role PlayingEdit

I Lord Cromell have decided to keep a on going journal if you will on the current RP and old ones. This way others can have a place to read up on the latest and refresh them selves. Any questions can be asked here. Remember every one is welcome to join in.


The Dawn Under Heven having arrived in the Cathcart System after the closing days of the "Border Skirmishes" to repair, refit, and resupply. She (the dawn) hadn’t been docked more then a solar day when a job that would really help pay the bills showed up on the cortex. The captain Thomas Cromwell knowing the Dawn was in no shape to do this solo. Headed to one of the many drinking holes on Spider with his trusty second in command, to find some back up for this run. After meeting up with an old friend and some new potential friends Cromwell prepared the Dawn for the coming mission.

A few days later the Carthcart System had a rude awakening. The UEE arrived to clean house and show the rest of the empire they where on top of things. After securing the only jump point out of the system the UEE task force went about cleaning up the remaining ships in the system that did not obey the heave to commands. The Dawn and her escorts instead of running like all the others, moved deeper in to the system.

After much discussion by the Captains a plan had come together. They would use the remains of an old UEE battleship to shield the Dawn and as well as turn it in to a ram. After a week of round the clock work they manged to get the power restored to the battleships thrusters, sending it at the task force blocking the jump point. The Dawn and her company have entered combat range of the task force.

With a surprise attack on the carrier's hangar deck and an intense space battle between the crew of the Dawn and the UEE heavy fleet an escape seemed possible. The crew of the Dawn was able to break through blockade with the combined efforts of the bridge crew, the Dawn's AI system, Miya, and the pilots who had signed up with the Dawn at Spider Station. To help ease their escape several pirate ships hiding in Spider's debris field made a run for the jump point, giving the UEE more targets to engage, and relieved the pressure off the Dawn's battered and damaged hull.

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