This unclaimed system is only accesible through a smaller jump point, preventing large ships from travelling there. Due to the challenge this jump point created to bring the necessary terraforming equipment into the system, the UEE quickly dismissed Branaugh's only habitable planet as unworthy of its attention. Over the years, the system has become home to the largest concentration of Tevarin people.

Branaugh I Edit

Terrestrial rocky planet on a rapid orbit around the star.

Branaugh II Edit

Featuring a beautifull set of planetary rings, this world is barely habitable. UEE surveyors concluded in their assessment that the effort to extract the planet's resources far outweighed the benefits. The Tevarin Diaspora, however, slowly congregated to the system to live with minimal outside interference. Their collective effort has somehow made the planet livable without terraforming.

Branaugh III Edit

A gas giant where Tevarin-built refineries collect hydrogen fuel.

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