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We’re trying to create an environment of deterrence, Eva. It’s one thing when it’s cops versus robbers. When it’s robbers versus everyone, the criminal element has no port in the storm.

–Don Macklin
Section Chief - Croshaw System[1]

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2014 Edit

  • May 2: Bribery
I'm not sure. Bounty Hunting is still being actively discussed.[2]
  • February 28: General opinion about bounty hunters by others
I imagine in the more 'civilized' (secure) planets, bounty hunters might have more of a stigma in certain circles whereas they're welcomed in more dangerous areas. Again, we like variety, so there could be people living on dusty outworlds who think bounty hunters are thugs with a vague sense of legitimacy as well as businessmen on Prime who think they pick up the slack for the flagging Advocacy. But in the broadest sense possible, I think there is a need that bounty hunters fill due to the vastness of the UEE and the straining economy.[3]
  • January 14: Bounty hunting mechanics
The bounty will specify whether you're allowed to kill the target or not.[4]

2013 Edit

  • November 4: Bounty & Reputation
The overarching layer is which government faction controls the space you're flying in, and how much are they paying attention (ie. low sec, high sec, etc...). We'll probably have some sort of "warning" system for if you just accidentally fire on another citizen, but if it happens enough, you'll quickly have a bounty on your head. Bounties don't go away over time and will propagate across all UEE systems.

Now, if you're in a lawless area, just because the UEE isn't watching, doesn't mean a local pirate faction is not (watching out for their own, at least). And they'll most likely not be as forgiving.[5]

  • September 11: Bounty hunting mechanics
Haven't read every post, but....

Bounty Hunter's Guild - make sure your licensed!
The UEE is the one hiring bounty hunters and will be the one paying out the bounties. I don't think players would want to risk being bounty hunters if the reward was not guaranteed (ie. paid by the criminal instead of the UEE).
Fines/penalties > bounty rewards.
Great to see so much interest, btw.[6]

  • September 4: Bounty hunting mechanics
Bounties are generated when a player performs an illegal act in a secure system. The UEE will automatically post them on a bounty board.
[About ship scans,] Unclear what exact details will be given, but most likely full name and possibly ship (though if the criminal switches ships, that becomes obsolete). It certainly won't be trivial tracking someone down. You'll have to check system logs, port logs and/or dig for dirt from the locals at a port/station.
Ground combat is definitely in the plan, but this will mostly happen on board ships (including derelicts!) and possibly asteroids. However, ports/stations/cities will be safe places. I would like to see there be some abandoned cities/locations or shady places in unsecure space that are fair game for combat, but we'll have to see.[7]
  • August 5: Bounty hunting mechanics
[About the Advocacy's "Most Wanted" list,] Having some sort of way to "show off" how long you've gone without getting caught is certainly an interesting idea, and we'll definitely have a most wanted list. However, what's to prevent a pirate from just sitting around hiding in their ship where no one will ever find them, so that they can accumulate hours? Perhaps it's also tied to frequency of crimes committed?
[Concerning players placing bounties on other players,] The official UEE bounty system will not allow players to trivially create bounties on other players. Only legitimate crimes will create bounties. However, that doesn't mean players can't put a "hit" on other players (essentially the underground of bounties). In the event that were to happen, that information would move much more slowly than it would through the UEE bounty boards, and you will probably need to periodically check to see if someone does have a hit out for you. We haven't fully fleshed out how player made hits (or bounties) will work yet however.[8]
  • June 24: Bounty hunting mechanics
Players/NPCs w/ bounties on their heads will need to be scanned first to identify them. So they won't immediately know if someone is a criminal, unless of course they are actively attacking someone. Additionally, and this is just a thought at this point (not for certain), that your reputation could influence the chance of you getting approached and scanned (ie. pulled over).
Unclear at this time [if players can make fake personal ID's in addition to fake ship ID's.]
[Regarding police scans and checkpoints,] Ship scanning will be the bulk of it, but there's the possibility for the occasional boarding scan as well.[9]
  • July 22: Jail sentences
I think the thought there was that you get a jail sentence, but we just "fast forward" through the sentence so that you can get back into the game. It wouldn't be much fun to sit in a jail cell for a few weeks. But hey, after we release, this certainly an area that we can expand upon.[10]

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