Boots Open Fire At Protestors is a newspaper article published in the Luther Free Press on April 29, 2792[1].


The article spreads the news of the military and police forces killing over 230 anti-Messer demonstrators on Vale and rallies the citizens to strike against the United Empire of Earth government.[1]

Full TextEdit

Brothers and sisters. We have just learned that two days ago, military and police forces opened fire, killing over two-hundred and thirty peaceful demonstrators on Vale. We have tried to be civil. We have resisted the urge to match the violence of this despotic government with violence but now we say, no more. We will no longer wage war with our ideas. We will rip the Imperator out of his throne. So strike out, brothers and sisters, strike at the fiendish fist of your oppressor.

–Luther Free Press Flyer, 2792[1]


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