Primary FocusLight Fighter
Secondary FocusMilitia
Maximum Crew1 person
Additional EquipmentN/A

The Blade is an older model Vanduul light fighter. Generally flown by Vanduul with the least combat experience.


The Vanduul Blade appears to be the oldest and lightest Vanduul fighter craft. The Esperia corporation manufactures a replica for the UEEN. [1]

Ship manufacturer vows to turn the enemy’s own weapons against the alien threat

Developer CopyEdit

"The current crop of Blade spacecraft available were manufactured between 2930 and 2940 under a lease agreement with the United Empire of Earth’s military. Per Esperia’s Naval contract, Blade have been returned to Esperia’s care as more advanced aggressor designs are manufactured at a 1:1 basis. While each of these Blades is already a veteran of Humanity’s war on the Vanduul, each has been restored to factory settings and features a full manufacturer’s guarantee.

Classified as a light combat fighter, Vanduul Blade are thought to exist in great numbers due to their more simplistic design and the more limited weaponry they mount when compared to craft such as the Scythe, Glaive, and Void. For further information on the design, please see the series of declassified UEE naval review images attached to this press release."


  1. RSIIcon Important Announcement from Esperia, Inc. on RSI Website

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