On the desolate surface of Lorona in the Banshee system, nestled away from the massive mining consortiums, FoveaInc operates a small facility that produces short carbon.


Banshee has the unique distinction of being the only UEE system discovered with a pulsar at its center. Although the planets are completely inhospitable due to the intense radiation, Banshee III is home to some of the most extensive mining operations in UEE space.

Banshee I Edit

A small dwarf planet with few remaining minerals.

Banshee II Edit

The iron core of this terrestrial planet has been heavily radiated.

Banshee III (Lorona) Edit

A network of underground settlements were built beneath the barren planets surface to mine Loronas abundant mineral resources while avoiding the harsh radiation from the system's pulsar. Massive magnetic coils on the surface harvest energy from the star to power the cities and mining operations.

Banshee IV Edit

An ice giant orbiting a great distance from the systems heart.


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