Aurora Marque (MR)
Aurora MR
ManufacturerRoberts Space Industries
Maximum Crew1[1]
Standalone Price$25[2]
Mass (empty)7550 kg[1]
Cargo Capacity12.8 Standard Cargo Units[3]
Length18.5 m[1]
Height4.1 m[1]
Beam8.25 m[1]
Upgrade Capacity [?]4[1]
Max Power Plant Size [?]2[1]
Factory Power PlantAlliance Startech KS-9 Enhanced (Size 1)[1]
Max Engine [?]
(primary thruster)
Factory EngineDragon STC Red (TR3)[1]
Maneuvering Thrusters [?]TR1[1]
Factory Maneuvering ThrustersKDK TM-4 Slider (TR1)[1]
Max Shield [?](Size 2)[1]
ShieldSeal INK-1 (Size 1)[1]
HardpointsWeapons Systems
Class 1Behring M3A laser cannon (Size 1, Max: Size 2)[1]
Class 3None equipped (Max: Size 2)[1]
Additional EquipmentJ-Span OmniCool reduction bar[1]
Stor-All Mini[1]

The Aurora Marque is the more combat-ready version of the Aurora. It comes equipped with two M3A laser cannons — optionally enhanced with the OmniCool reduction bar, a high quality gun cooling system. It has a reasonably strong TR3 engine for its low weight. It can be used for interdiction.

Commercial textEdit

Perhaps you're looking for something that offers carrying capacity but has combat capabilities too? The Aurora Marque comes with a pair of Behring-quality lasers and a high quality gun cooler system.[1]




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