Assan Kieren was a Terran governor. He lived in 27th century. He became famous for his criticism of the UEE's alien politics and his plans for Terra to seek separation from the UEE[1].

The Imperator lives in an era where alien civilizations are something to be feared. Those of us who live here, where the Banu and Xi’An are neighbors, where we see them every day, we know that they are not the enemy. They are people, like us, their culture may be different, their motivations may be different, but they are just trying to live, live in safety. The Imperator is happy to keep them at a distance through the sights of weapons, but I don’t believe we can continue on this path. As Carson once said, “If you live anticipating a war, sooner or later, you shall have one.” In short, I believe that Earth is increasingly disconnected from the realities of today that it is causing political and social instability in all systems. This is not a call to arms or invitation for conflict. All I’m asking is to open a dialogue.

–Assan Kieren, March 12, 2638[1]

Press AppearancesEdit


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