Description Edit

The Arrowhead is a medium to long range semi-automatic Laser Rifle, sold with a marksman scope, and manufactured by Klaus & Werner. Sometimes incorrectly referred to as a 'sniper rifle', the Arrowhead is capable of accurately inflicting large amounts of damage: especially when aimed at the head.

This laser rifle, as the name implies, fires a single laser round in a semi-automatic fashion. This round can be charged, however, causing the inside of the barrel to being to glow, and be released for extra damage. This charged shot does take more out of the battery than a standard shot, generally using the equivalent of 5 rounds.

As a marksman rifle, the Arrowhead excels in medium to long range combat, and is recommended to those who prefer the support role. In close quarters, however, such as the majority of the interior of the Coralex Shipping Hub - the location of the mini persistent universe's Private Investigator mission - the Arrowhead can be less effective due to its slower firing rate than weapons such as the ATT-4. It is important to note that, unlike true sniper rifles, the Arrowhead, as a marksman rifle, can still perform well in close quarter combat situations: with the marksman scope providing excellent accuracy.

It can be found in the 'Live Fire' shop on Port Olisar to buy, scattered in wrecks throughout the Yela asteroid belt and as a reward in the Kareah security office.

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