Aremis is the second planet of the Vega system (Vega II)[1]. It orbits the star in a distance of 0.73 AU. It was terraformed in the 25th century.


Aremis offers a stunning view of the planetary rings and a number of small moons.

Flora and FaunaEdit

A significant amount of flora and fauna developed after adapting the planet's biosphere to the human demands. A lot of it still survives.


In the 27th century, the proximity to the Vanduuls had been a major concern. Many Aremisans were looking for a way to leave the planet. In the recent decades, Aremis has been named ‘a planet to watch’ by the New United. The population has been growing rapidly since. Several small cities and farms were founded.


The crime level is high enough to exclude Aremis from the Senate. The local Governors Council fights the crime with reinforced police, militia, and freelance mercenaries.

Trade hubsEdit

  • New Corvo - largest trade hub, handling all off-world commerce

Military CampsEdit


  • The local Governors Council aggressively pursues the application for recognition by the Senate.


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