The following article is a Player Organization, and should not be considered official Star Citizen lore.

Arc Security was created on the 20th May 2013, with the aim to provide effective security services and solutions through-out the verse. The foundations of which being our members; valued folk who continuously drive us forward into the great expanse

We stand by our phrase: “Casually Hardcore”. We enjoy the game in its entirety, striving to experience the fun aspects as much as possible. However, when called on for an operation or contract, we enjoy being serious about our game-play and time doing so.

Operations are undertaken on our private communication server, where brevity codes and operational conduct is utilized to provide a professional service.
Official History

In 2872 the United Earth Empire (UEE) embarked on Project Archangel, an ambitious plan to convert lifeless orbiting rock into a life sustaining planet. By all accounts it was to be the legacy of generations. Unfortunately over the next 50 years Project Archangel, publicly named “SynthWorld”, drained the economy to the point where theUEE began selling off assets in order to keep funding it.

Arc Security’s parent company, ArcCorp, purchased and invested in Stanton III, one of four superearths originally inhabited by a mismatched bunch of colonists and refugees. They gradually built the planet into the industrial wonder it is today, over developing it to the point where no trace of its natural origin was left.

After selling the planets in the Stanton System, the UEE left the MegaCorps who purchased them to police the system themselves, and thus Arc Security was created. Initially designed to only oversee the security of ArcCorp’s business assets, ArcSec quickly flourished in the potentially lawless system, becoming an independent organisation in their own right. In present times, ArcSec does not only ensure the safety of ArcCorp assets, but also takes on contracts from independent sources in order to fund its ever growing fleet + logistical operations division.

The decline in the economy has not effected ArcCorp or Stanton III as heavily as some of their MegaCorp allies, military contracts are still blindly fully funded by the UEE, allowing investment into purpose built towns and better education for children born on the planet. They provide a steady stream of young men and women to the UEEmilitary, most of which return to work in Arc Security, ensuring the fleet is fully staffed.

Creation year: 2927

[updated: 10/02/15]-[02/10/15]

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