The following article is a Player Organization, and should not be considered official Star Citizen lore.

Aegir Corporation: Edit

A modest Corporation with a large client base, the Aegir Corporation looks to provide Exploration & Freelance Cargo Hauling to the general public.

Currently Recruiting at , the group is looking for Hardcore Roleplaying members willing to be social, helpfull, & to work as a team to accomplish even the most staggeringly large goals.

History Edit

Creation: The Aegir Corporation was created in the year 2512 with the purpose of exploring the galaxy & expanding the influence of Earth. It was created by Fallon Reeves as pet project.a it quickly gained membership as the excitement to explore space continued to grow at an exponential rate. It is now a modest Corporation with a large client base. Everyone wants to get a slice of the pie of the galaxy, and we’re here to give it to them.

Manifesto Edit

We fully intend to become one of, if not THE most influential corporation in the 'Verse. We will achieve this by supporting the exploration of new systems & new jump points, building a network of reliable contacts, both within & without the bounds of UEE law, solely for the purpose of providing a reliable, safe, and efficient method of exploration and cargo transportation, and convoy security. Our influence already spreads as we have strong bonds with several other organizations, both large & small. We fully intend to use this to the greatest advantage possible, hiring PMCs to defend our cargo haulers & explorers, working with other Corporations to corner new markets, & dabbling in the dark world of Syndication to get done what needs to he done.

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