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Aaron Fring was an artist famous for his painting Tears of Fire.


Aaron Fring was born on Ferron in 2578 to Max and Mary Fring, a teacher and pilot respectively. As a child, he suffered from a bout of Kilos’ Malady and was bed-ridden for over a year. During that time, he passed his time sketching. As a young man, Fring enlisted in the Expeditionary Force as a Field Medic. He travelled to many systems before finally deciding to settle down on Elysium IV[1].

Operating a small med-station during the day, Fring took up painting again at night. He could often be found wandering the landscape for hours at a time, painting all that he saw. While he showed promise as a landscape artist, he never made much of an impression on the art community. Though he wished for more, Fring was content with his practice and his hobby[1].


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