A New Dawn is a newspaper article by Decklin Farwahl published in the New United newspaper on May 3rd 2792[1].


In the historical context of the end of the Messer Era, this article welcomes the new Imperator Erin Toi, acknowledges the bravery of senator Akari and other anti-Messer activists, and restores the Tribunal positions of old: High-General, High-Secretary, and High Advocate which are able to disempower the Imperator[1].

Full TextEdit

“We have awoken from a nightmare.” Those were the words spoken by the new Imperator Erin Toi yesterday after announcing the capture of Imperator Messer XI. It’s a brand new day indeed. Even at this NewsOrg, long an unofficial mouthpiece of the Imperator, we are finally able and encouraged to write the truth, without UEE censors looking over our shoulders.

It’s hard to believe, looking back, that the incident on Garron II would be the powder keg that brought it all down. Sure this wasn’t a singular catalyst; there were incidents that built up to it. From the bravery of Senator Akari to the Activists who rallied all those years despite incarceration or death.

Aside from instituting term limits for the Imperator, Toi worked with newly elected Senators to restore the Tribunal positions of old. The new High-General, High-Secretary, and High Advocate will work under the Imperator position but with the power to disempower them, should another despot attempt to seize control.

We woke up. Though the day we’re facing is unknown, we have seen how far we can fall so we must make sure that every step we take is a step up.

–Decklin Farwahl, New United, May 3rd 2792


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