ARMD (Australasian Royal Mercenary Division) is an Oceanic based group of gamers who have come together under a common goal - to have fun with some mates. With this in mind we have expanded into StarCitizen (SC).  We are a reasonably easy going group of players that are willing to have a good time, however when the time comes to get down to it we will work our hardest to ensure that we emerge victorious, whilst maintaining our ethos of Honour, Bravery and Unity.

We have never aimed to be the largest or most powerful organisation of the SC universe, we only aim to be a well respected, well trained group of individuals who fill a hole in the market, if your player base is offline and you have no one to guard your base, then we will make sure that is exactly the same as you left it when you come back... for a price.

Back StoryEdit

A Brief History of ARMD

Originally printed on 2788 in the Terra Gazette reprinted with permission.

by Anna Folsen

ARMD, a storied private military force for almost a millennia, has refounded today on Vega after being shut down due to a lack of funds almost 45 years ago. Some people may remember ARMD as one of the original protectors of Terra but finding records of ARMD history has been both a challenge and a fascinating story... 

We all learn in history that the third world war started over dwindling fossil fuels and delays in the long promised identification of new resources through exploration of new systems accessed through newly discovered 'Jump Points'. Ancient country lines fractured and new power blocks formed to protect the dwindling resources. The vast, though poor quality, oil reserves under Australia made a tempting target until it, and surrounding countries, reformed as the Australasian Union encompassing the previous countries of Zealand, New Guinea, Indo Asia, Malay, Philippines, and Australia. 

This was when the Australasian Royal Mercenary Division(ARMD) was founded under direction from the King of the newly expanded Great Britain to protect the last remaining colonial outpost; the Australasian Union. ARMD held faith and protected the Australian Unison for the King until the cessation of almost a century of conflict was celebrated by the foundation of the UNE in 2380. 

For over 50 years of peace ARMD remained in a ceremonial role, with vastly reduced strength, before mass colonisation brought back the opportunity for ARMD to serve again. ARMD began escorting and protecting colonisation fleets from the 2450 exodus to the founding of Terra in 2516 where they were contracted to support local authorities in the event of a military emergency, until UNE forces could arrive from Earth. ARMD remained in that role through the Tevarin wars growing through several generations providing safety and security to the UPE's most precious colony.

At cessation of the second Tevarin War ARMD began reducing manpower and in 2639, response to the increasing militaristic UEE agenda, ARMD elected not to renew its long standing contract with the UEE for the protection of the Terran system. This was largely due to increasing protests and a calls for Terran independence from the UEE. ARMD was not prepared to be used to restrain the citizens it had dedicated generations to protecting and transitioned its headquarters and assets to the Vega system to further remove itself from the public view.

ARMD began to have trouble retaining talented pilots with the continuing reduction in work and financial troubles. The Vanduul raids of 2681 changed their fortunes with resupply and escort contracts being plentiful and talented pilots began flocking back to the ARMD banner after 40 years of waning. Its storied history lead to highly talented retiring marines and naval pilots signing on and ARMD began fielding contracts training corporate security services in protective details.

With the cessation of hostilities in 2789 the UEE was able to reassert itself in the western edges of human space reducing Vanduul attacks to record lows and drying up the most profitable period in ARMD history since its founding.

Over the next 100 years of comparative peace ARMD was reduced to a shell of its former glory with only a few descendants of the original founding remaining to carry the torch, finally closing its doors in 2898 auctioning all remaining assets except for the now empty headquarters building in Vega, which members of the founding families turned into residential quarters.

In 2928 after completing their period of service in the Navy and Marines, like their fathers (and some mothers) before them, the last descendants of the original founders reopened ARMD for business with the following statement:

"With the degradation of UEE military control and increased attacks by the Vanduul, tensions along the Xi’an border, and an increasing threat from pirates opportunity exists for private militaries corporations to take on the protection of corporate assets, and provide on demand manpower to protect all humans, regardless of citizenship. This announcement is to re-establish the the Australasian Royal Mercenary Divisions(ARMD) and to warn anyone threatening innocent people on the western reaches of the human space, we are coming, we cannot be bought, we have already been paid.

Anyone wishing to join who can meet our posted requirements can see our recruitment officers inside, anyone who wants to hire us knows where to find us. We have returned, and shortly, people will know why the named of ARMD was feared for a millennia of conflict."

ADM Mashiu ‘Soap’ Sekken, Commanding Officer ARMD.

Want to Know More?


ARMD bases its governance structure on a military unit. In order to advance through the ranks and become part of the leadership in ARMD, members must show initiative, commitment, leadership and be generally good natured. We are an easy going group, so if you think you might fit in, registration is open on the ARMD Corporation forums and at the ARMD Corp organisation page.

The leadership structure at present stands with the central command of Admiral Soap , Commodore Ziggsta , Captain Corsair and Command Sergeant Major Bajah

Star CitizenEdit

With 60+ registered players in the organisation already and contributions ranging from basic all the way to High Admiral, we intend to become a constant presence in the Star Citizen universe undertaking a wide range of operations. We will however be sticking to our motto, so if you intend to operate on the wrong side of the law you will find yourself facing off against us more than fighting alongside us.

At present ARMD Corp is broken into four divisions, each division has its own specialisation and command structure. These divisions are then overseen by the ARMD commands and logistics captains who oversee the interaction between the divisions.

Divisions 1 & 2 are the ARMD main military wings responsible for the warfighting combat capabilities of the total corporation and provide fleet support for merchant and combat operations.

Division 3 will develop its multi-role warfighting capabilities with assault, boarding, and fleet capabilites working to provide a complement to 1st and 2nd combat divisions. 

Division 4 is the mercantile division of ARMD responsible for the majority of the mining, manufacturing, commerce and freight capability. They will provide non-combat support to the other divisions of ARMD.

All of the ARMD divisions will operate out of the same headquarters enabling members of all of the divisions to socialize and undertake smaller group missions with other members of the CORP.


StarCitizen Recruitment thread:

ARMD Starcitizen website: ARMD Corp Organisation

Armd Website:

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