AOM Recovery Services is a boutique transport firm specializing in high-risk asset recovery servicing corporate, government and non-profit clients. The firm was established by former military veterans and private security personnel from LBI Galactic Service/Research. According to their history, AOM "specializes in the discreet and efficient recovery and transport of goods and equipment" and has worked with such entities as Musashi Industrial, MicroTech, Storm Securities and the United Empire of Earth

Company OverviewEdit

AOM Recovery Services was incorporated as a subsidiary of LBI Galactic Service/Research on Earth but maintained its headquarters on Terra. The firm's site states that it provides transportation and security services to "world governments... galactic businesses ... and occasionally private organizations seeking a niche specialty." A review of AOM Recovery Services operations in the Elysium system conducted by the UEE Office of the Inspector General (OIG) stated that the firm’s personnel were a "well-trained, professional work force with significant prior experience" in security and emergency medical situations.


AOM Recovery Services boasts prior military and medical personnel primarily from the United Empire of Earth. Very little is known about individuals in the firm and many of their employees have redacted files. According to the company, employees are "former UEE military veterans, business associates, medical crews and IT technicians."


Routinely operating in hostile areas of space, AOM has occasionally suffered personnel losses though there is no exact information provided by the company. During an extrication of humanitarian personnel from an unknown besieged UEE station, pilots Stef Van Offerton and Miles Maina were killed by hostile fire and were later found to be flying for AOM at the time. It is unclear as to the exact involvement of AOM in the situation.


Several financial reporting institutes, including popular show Kaizenhave strongly hinted that AOM Recovery Services is a cover organization for a UEE intelligence outfit. Despite having significant ties with several shady businesses such as Storm Securities, AOM Recovery Services has adamantly denied any involvement or affiliation with any intelligence agency. 

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