The entry level weapon of the Sword-series, the Longsword fires a caseless 25mm round designed for use against a variety of armored targets.[1]

Weapon family descriptionEdit

Knightbridge Arms’ Sword-series of magazine-based projectile guns reaches across generations of martial tradition to produce powder-based guns capable of wreaking havoc on interstellar targets. Perfect for those who feel energy weapons lack a certain jolt, or for pilots who are trying to minimize power consumption![2]

A base ballistic weapon system that does low damage to heavily armored targets. It was designed to be most effective against a variety of lightly armored targets.[source?]

Equipped by default in following shipsEdit

  • None

Compatible ShipsEdit

Although the RSI: Voyager Direct says that it is suitable for these ships it is not a good weapon system to have on a heavy fighter or if you need to defend yourself as an explorer.[source?]


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