The 85X Runabout is a two seater away-ship built by Origin Jumpworks that is included with the 890 Jump.

Official Description Edit

Model XVB began life as one of many prototypes for the award-winning Origin Racing Team. It went through rigorous testing alongside other cutting-edge speedsters to find that edge in competitive racing.

Although Origin ultimately selected the model that would become the M50, the XVB was not forgotten, and found new life as a companion ship for the 890 Jump.

Now, Origin is proud to unveil the 85x. Whether descending down to the planet surface or taking in the sights of your system, the 85x will continue the 890’s proud tradition of turning heads. It’s the power of a racer with the reliability of a touring ship.

Simply put, it’s luxury.

Sources Edit

References Edit

  1. Forum Topic: "890's X85 seems a bit small" on RSI Webiste

Price Edit

Price is set at 50 USD

Gallery Edit

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