A better earth

Overview of Triangle

All of our current data and findings are included in this Comm-packet, I invite you to see for yourself.

–Wei-Yin Song

2516: A Better Earth is a Time Capsule article of the Roberts Space Industries Website. Wei-Yin Song, one of the lead UNE surveyors, reported discovery of a "nexus" in the system 342A. She and her team quickly identified four jump-points beyond the one they entered through.

Additionally, they found a "Super-Earth" planet, called 342A.03M. She reported that 342A.03M had "naturally oxygen-based atmosphere, indigenous vegetation, vast oceans, and temperate climates" as well as indication of intelligent life, though none had yet been located. They named 342A.03M Terra, in honor of Earth, and recommended that it be "established as a forward operating base for terraforming and expansion into the adjoining systems"[1].

References Edit

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