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Origins: Edit

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This organization's ID is: 121st Edit


The 121st Scout and Discovery Special Operations Group has been created by Star Citizen "Enjgine", in response to an open call for applications for the role of "Operating Commander - Citizens Reserve Military Exploitative Group".

Organization HistoryEdit

Origins: Edit

The 121st Scout Group was originally formed during the discovery and research of the Xi'An Empire, 2530, in which many basic rules governing the operation of the group were formed, in response to the growing alien presence during operations. Until 2535, the 121st collected large amounts of information on the Xi'An Empire, and as a result, were chosen to continue exploration works, aimed at discovering more Alien civilizations; at this time, the 121st reformed to become the "121st Scout and Exploration Group".

Following involvement in the Operation Nemesis, in which almost 80 percent of the 121st personnel were lost, and after the creation of the UEE, the 121st was disbanded (Officially on the first hour of 2546).

Reform: Edit

In line with changes to the 2935 UEE Military Restructure Act, the 121st has been reformed and titled the "121st Scout and Discovery Special Operations Group", in an attempt to form a voluntary military unit, capable of providing scouting and exploitative capabilities, and to assist militia groups in their sanctioned actions, as a liaison between private military leaders and official military officers.

Organization ManifestEdit

The 121st Consists of the following units: Edit

Advanced Combat Detection and Information Squadron
Responsible for scanning and reporting on combat situations, providing strategic military information, providing second-level planning consultation, and monitoring hostile and otherwise hazardous systems.
Stellar Investigation and Discovery Squadron
Responsible for discovery and study of deep space and uncharted stellar study, including the discovery of new systems and bodies, analysis and exploration of planetary bodies, and the discovery and transport of valuable assets and irregular entities.
Reserve Mapping and Haulage Tracking Squadron

Responsible for maintaining relevant information on stellar bodies, transport routes and vulnerability, incursion point discovery and study, and the maintenance of 121st findings.

Security and Negotiation Squadron
Responsible for the security of squadrons within the 121st, the execution of safe combat practices, and the negotiation and communications with and of hostile and privateer forces.

Rules of OperationEdit

The 121st follows the following Rules of Operation, as charted in the 2915 "Laws of Space and Planetary Engagement for the Armed and Militia Forces": Edit

No individual shall damage or act in a way that provokes damage.
No individual shall attack any other individual unless to protect ones self from damage, and only if provoked to due so.
Any information or materials recovered by a member of the UEE Reserve Military Forces is to be logged, and a manifest of findings present to an official of the UEE Enlisted Military Forces.
No individual in power of others is to place risk on the lives of those others, unless fully consented to, or under direction by a commissioned officer of the UEE Military.

Organization HierarchyEdit

As a section of the UEE Reserve Military Forces, a strict hierarchy is in place, under which certain privileges and responsibilities subsist: Edit

General - Full Group
Chief of 121st Scout and Discovery Special Operations Group, with the responsibility to ensure the continuing execution of unit objectives, and the fair running of unit leadership.
Colonel - Squadron (1-4 Flights)
Commander of a Squadron of the 121st Scout and Discovery Special Operations Group, with the responsibility of ensuring the continuing execution of orders from the chief of the unit, ensuring that training and operation within the unit remain in effect.
Captain - Flight (1-4 Pairs)
Leader of a flight of a 121st Squadron, with the responsibility of running unit operations and training, and ensuring that objectives are given to individuals to be executed.
Pilot Officer - Pair (1-4 Ships)
Operator of a pair of ships, responsible for the execution of objectives, and the operation on-board vessels; also responsible for the well being of crew and the maintenance and equipping of 121st Ships.
Warrant Officer - Ship (1-10 Crew)
Responsible to the Pilot Officer on the execution of any orders provided, as well as providing experienced advice to crew, and the operation of an individual ship.

The following unit organization also exists: Edit

Group (10-200 Ships)
Squadron (2-100 Ships)
Flight (2-40 Ships)
Pair (1-4 Ships)
Ship (1-15 Crew)

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