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Hello everyone, so the inaugural Ten for the Chairman segment that we're going to do in the Los Angeles show. This is where we take ten questions from subscribers, who their generous backing allows us to do all this community communication, work, videos, and this show here as well as the stuff we do in Austin like Wingman's Hangar and behind the scenes stuff.

So thank you all to subscribers and we'll take ten questions every week and funnily enough, the very first question is from Ten.

Questions and AnswersEdit

Question 1 - Hardware RequirementsEdit

I’m curious to know about the hardware setup required to run SC in full HD on max details?


Answer 1Edit

So that's a really good question, it's hard to definitively say that now 'cause we're stil early in the development process.

New hardware comes out every year, so generally we've been aiming at the very high end of hardware now is what we think the mid-level will be by the time the game is fully finished. So that would have been a GTX 680 or now a 780 on the Nvidia side, or on the AMD side, a 7970 or now the R9290X on the AMD side. And you should be able to easily run in the highest details in the game in 1080p. If you want to move to 4k, you'll need the very high end cards that will be available, smoothly at 4k that is, next years or maybe current day high-level to mid-high level cards but two of them in SLI.

The engine scales really well so it can, it will take whatever you can give it in whatever resolution you give it, but you can also scale it down and it still looks pretty good. So if you don't have quite that highest end hardware, it will still be a pretty good experience. I hope that answers your question.

Chris Roberts


Question 2 - CIG FutureEdit

Now that CIG has development infrastructure ready, are you planning or toying with new ideas for suture projects after SC is released? Some vague schedules or bigger expansions to SC/SQ42 or even for non SC-related projects?


Answer 2Edit

So the answer to that is we are 100% focused on Star Citizen here.

The way that Star Citizen is being created is that once it's released, that won't be the end of Star Citizen. We're going to actually, are planning to, be releasing content on a very regular schedule. We're actually hoping to almost be weekly if we possibly can. So we'll be constantly updating the Persistent universe, adding new features, locations, ships, characters, over hopefully years and years and years and years. I mean obviously that requires people playing the game and still being a viable enterprise, but EVE Online's still going ten years later, so we would love to be in that same position. Then we'll also do some additional story segments, very much like Squadron 42. So Squadron 42 won't be the only single player experience we do, we will be doing additional experiences like that which people will be able to play inside the Star Citizen universe. So the answer is yes we are going to do a lot of stuff in Star Citizen, but not so much, we don't really have any plans for non-Star Citizen stuff. We sort of view Star Citizen as a, it's not a short term commitment, it's a very long term thing, and hopefully you guys will be playing and enjoying it many years to come.

Chris Roberts


Question 3 - Radar ShadowEdit

Will radar shadow be present in the game?


Answer 3Edit

So yes, the answer is yes. Radar shadow will definitely be present in the game.

We have all different kinds of radar signatures you can have whether it's a heat signature, electromagnetic signature, a reflective signature, and we're also thinking of different ways that you as a player can shield yourself from someone else detecting you. So there will be an aspect of being able to sort of play the stealth angle. Maybe you can shield yourself behind an asteroid, or maybe you can shut down a bunch of systems so your signature is really small, or maybe you could coat your ship in a kind of armor that would give you a much lower reflective signature. So we'll definitely have radar shadow be part of that and we're hoping, thinking, it's actually going to add a lot of fun to the gameplay and nuance because there's just a lot of different options for people to take things in space and that's kind of part of the things we're really excited about for what we're doing with Star Citizen.

Chris Roberts


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