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Standard Intro.

Question 1 - Ship relaying information to capital shipsEdit

Command & Control and Radar/Scanning/Detection have both been mentioned as parts of the game. Will a spacecraft like the F7C-R Hornet Tracker be able to relay its gathered info to a C&C ship?


Answer 1Edit

And the answer is yes.

The tracker's actually meant to be able to... Essentially it has a much bigger and more powerful radar array, and should be able to pump information to another ship and can receive it. So someone in a tracker, the idea would be they're sort of Command and Control for an air group, and there will definitely be big capital ships that have even bigger command and control. You could have a Hornet tracker relay its information to a bigger ship as eyes and ears further out, or possibly in an asteroid field where the visibility isn't very good.

We're actually having a lot of fun on the capital ship building design. I think you guys are gonna be pretty blown away when we go into that in detail. Which we will do in the near future. It's some thing that the Foundry 42 guys are spearheading for us since there's so much capital ship stuff in Squadron 42.

Chris Roberts

Question 2 - Banu worldsEdit

What happens when I fly to a Banu world? Will it have space ports I can land at, space stations to dock at, etc? Will they be alien, or do they have the same stores as Human worlds?

–Perry the Cynic

Answer 2Edit

So the answer is yes, we definitely will have spaceports.

We'll have, not the entire Banu area will be mapped out, although down the road it probably will be. But we'll definitely have Banu worlds you can visit, you can land at, and they'll probably have some space stations.

And yes, they will be different in architecture. We're sort of designing that on the Xi'an right now, we're starting to do it on the Banu. You can see the Banu trader is a sort of different look and feel than the Human ships. We'll be showing you some Xi'an stuff pretty soon that will be very different look and feel than the Human ships too. We've also got some Xi'an architecture and planet stuff that we've been working on which is very different from Human and we quite like it.

We're trying to make each one of the races have a very distinct feel and personality so you sort of feel: "Ok, here I'm in Human space, I'm in Banu space, I'm in Xi'an space." So that's a long-winded version of yes.

Chris Roberts

Question 3 - Manned vs Controlled Class 4 turretsEdit

Are the Class-4 turrets come as manned and/or only remote controlled?


Answer 3Edit

Ok, so on the turrets, a Class-4 turret is a bigger remotely controlled turret, it is not a manned turret. A Class-5 turret and above are manned turrets, so on a Constellation is two Class-5 turrets, on the back of a Freelancer there's a Class-5 turret.

A Class-4 turret is essentially a weapon mount that has either a bigger gun or hardpoints for two smaller guns. So a good example is the Hornet, the ball turret it a Class-4, and also the Canard turret is a Class-4.

A Class-2 mount is essentially a very small turret that can only fit one smaller gun on. So an example of a Class-2 mount is the wing gatlings on the Hornet for instance.

A Class-1 is a fixed mount for a gun. So I hope that explains it to a certain extent.

We have actually a bigger setting that goes all the way up to Class-10 for including capital ship mounts. Those things include spinal weapons as well as much bigger turrets that are ship-to-ship.

Chris Roberts

Question 4 - Public transport and cruise linersEdit

Will I be able to make some credits with a cruise line? Or will the public transportation system make such services obsolete?


Answer 4Edit

Yeah, I mean we're actually looking for ways that people can run their own businesses in the game.

So obviously taking cargo around, someone says "Hey take this piece of cargo," or even "Take this ship from here to here for me because I want it over on this planet," is something to do. I think that actually we'd like to find a way that people could even transport people around in a way that makes sense. There will be big cruise liners and stuff, and there's obviously a public transportation system that we've already promised and will be in there.

But it would be nice to have a version where someone could have a ship and take some people from one planet to another planet. Partly it would be fun to have someone running a cruise liner, I don't know. Maybe it's a bit over--It would be like Murder on the Orient Express maybe people could get up to stuff on the cruise liner, it would be kind of fun. But we're gonna try and have roles for people to do all sorts of jobs in it and one of them would be transporting people.

Chris Roberts

Question 5 - Casual vs hardcore playersEdit

How can a player who only has 2 or 3 hours a week available to play even hope to get a level of enjoyment out of Star Citizen when the competition will be playing 10 to 20 hours a week.


Answer 5Edit

So that's one of those questions that thinks of Star Citizen as being one play path, one way to win.

The way I'm designing the game, the way I'm thinking about the game, is it isn't like that. There are just different things you can do. So it really depends on what you want to do. What is your definition of win.

If you think about the real world, lots of people have different definitions of what makes them a winner. Is it they made lots of money, is it they've helped lots of people, that they're an amazing athlete, a great teacher. There are all these different definitions and they can all be achieved at different level. Some people achieve things they're happy with or greatness by themselves, some people do it in a group, and I think that's the model of Star Citizen.

We're allowing things that you can do, if you just want to play by yourself and not deal with other people, there will be a game experience that will be very much like the old Privateer/Freelancer experience that will feel like that and you won't feel like you're pressured into being in a big group. If you just want to play with a small group of your friends and go off and do stuff together, you'll be able to do that too. Or it you want to play in a really big group or organization and take over a part of space or build up a big trading empire you'll be able to do that. So I think the goal for us is to have lots of different things to do and of course on some of these bigger things, there will always be roles for people. Like a mining operation. Well there's someone that wants to own and build a Mining operation, but then there might be people just like "Hey I just want to be a miner and earn a buck, I'm there and I work for this corporation and do the mining."

So I think that's a better way to think of it. It's not so much about 2-3 hours or 10-20 and you're competing against everyone else. It's sort of what you want to do in the game and I think you should be able to have fun with 2-3 hours, even if someone else is playing 10-20 hours. It's just you'll be doing different things, you won't be able to do as much stuff, but hey, that's the nature of things. But I definitely don't think you'll be not having fun only playing 2-3 hours, you'll just be doing potentially different stuff or less of it. Ok, hope that answers the question.

Chris Roberts

Question 6 - IrrelevantEdit

Irrelevant to Star Citizen

Answer 6Edit

Irrelevant to Star Citizen

Question 7 - Engine antialiasing and graphicsEdit

Will Squadron 42 and Star Citizen have SMAA (Enhanced Subpixel Morphological Antialiasing) in the CryEngine?


Answer 7Edit

So I believe that we pretty much support all the Anti-Aliasing setup. So SMAA, FXAA, MAA, and there's quite a few other ones.

I'm sure we will be supporting any new stuff as far as that goes.

We've got a pretty big graphics team right now. We have four dedicated graphics engineers and we're looking to hire another two to three. My goal is actually to have more graphics engineers for Star Citizen than even CryTek has in all of CryTek. I may not achieve that, but we're gonna give it a good try. So yeah, I guess the answer is yes.

Chris Roberts

Question 8 - Keep owned ships inside bigger owned shipEdit

I own an Idris and several Super Hornets. I want to base the Hornets full time in my Idris. All ships are on the same account, will there be a way to part and leave fighters in the fighter bay of the Idris?


Answer 8Edit

So the answer is yes.

I mean the Idris is designed to have a complement of small ships on it. I think in Squadron 42 we sort of decided that it has an active complement of two ships. So in the military it's two Hornets, then it has a back-up spare Hornet in case one gets destroyed. And that's sort of the standard core complement on a military patrol set up. So if you have say, two Hornets, you definitely will be able to have them in your Idris.

Think of it like big ships have their inventories, and smaller ships have inventories, rooms have inventories. So you essentially move your Hornet from the inventory in your hangar to the inventory in your Idris which is basically the hangar there. Yes, you'll be able to do that. So you'll be well armed, and you should have able to hire either NPCs to fly it or more preferably with something like an Idris, which is really not designed to be a solo vehicle, you and your friends can have fun.

As I mentioned a little earlier in the show, talking about the Hornet tracker and command and control ships, we're really doing some stuff on the bigger ships, the capital ships, that I"m super excited by that's really going to push it. It's going to be like almost a whole game in itself running these big ships. I think you guys are really gonna like that.

Chris Roberts

Question 9 - IrrelevantEdit

Irrelevant to Star Citizen

Answer 9Edit

Irrelevant to Star Citizen

Question 10 - Post-release updatesEdit

I see that the plan will be to have things added and updated over time, does this include graphics updates as well?


Answer 10Edit

Yes. I mean unequivocal yes, obviously.

So the long term plan is Star Citizen is never going to stop being developed, it's never gonna stop having content added to it, it's never going to stop having functionality added to it. So the way I look at it is even just now everyone having the hangar last year we're gonna have the dogfight in the near future here, and even the early versions of adding the functionality and content our projected path is:

We're gonna do the dogfights, the base dogfights where you'll be able to fly around in single seater fighter style stuff.

Then we'll have another update that will bring in the multi-crew ships, the bigger ships.

Then we'll have some kind of update that will probably involve some first person combat stuff.

Then some update that will involve bringing all that together.

Then an update involving planet-side.

So it's just building the game over time, and we won't change that philosophy even after the game is "finished." Even when you can go around the full Persistent Universe with the initial set of planets because we'll be adding new content and new functionality and we'll also be continually R&Ding new stuff.

So ultimately long term I would love to be able to have a way to go seamlessly down onto the planets, maybe have some more procedural generation, have a way to sort of build out stuff. That's all stuff that we're doing R&D on now, not for the initial release, but just to get it in a process, evaluate what the issues are, and we're allowed to do that because you guys have been so generous in backing us. So we have funds to do some long term research and development stuff, and the goal is we aren't gonna stagnate. Just like if you look at the Hornet now, if you look at the Hornet when I did my original presentation on the tech demo. The Hornet has much more detail 'cause we're always constantly refining and updating stuff. That will not stop once we're live. The goal is to make this the most lived in, immersive, detailed, universe possible. And obviously we're not gonna get it all for the first time the persistent universe is active for everyone. So that will just take time afterwards and some of the features that we've gotten on the stretch goals and some of the content won't drop right at the very beginning because it's taking a long time to do all this stuff, but it will always go in.

So hopefully you'll feel things are always moving forward and there's new stuff coming in. Especially as we're scaling the team, which we're still doing, that will all snowball. So this year you'll definitely see a lot more stuff than you saw last year and I think after that it will be more. So hopefully that answered your question.

Chris Roberts


Irrelevant to Star Citizen

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