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Questions and AnswersEdit

Question 1 - Compass/grid systemEdit

While piloting within a star system, how will we know our bearing? Aside from the star map and fast-travel mechanics, will there be a galactic compass, a grid system, or possibly a X,Y,Z coordinate system to help navigate and identify direction?


Answer 1Edit

You'll definitely have a navigation star map, which will have your ship and you'll be able to set waypoints and fly to them, along with predefined waypoints of discovered locations in there. I imagine there'll be some sort of grid system, internally in-engine we have one. We're still playing with the possibility of all star systems being dynamic, so planets exist in slow orbits, so then you've got the problem of where the grid system is fixed to, the star, or one of the planets or what. We'll probably go, for ease of use, an XYZ system fixed probably to the star (or stars) and everything will be relative to that. Your nav-map is where you'd look to see all that happen. Originally we were planning static systems, so now we've got more work to do (Tony Z is deep into the system design stuff right now).

Chris Roberts

Question 2 - Salvage UEE ship parts without reputation lossEdit

With salvaging, if we find a military ship, is it possible to salvage it without getting into hot water with the UEE?

–Hell Cat

Answer 2Edit

Yeah, I definitely think so, if there's a destroyed or partially destroyed ship out there I don't think there'd be an issue with you salvaging/splitting it up, assuming it's destroyed enough that you couldn't resell it as a whole.

Chris Roberts

Question 3 - Mission stealing from other playersEdit

While on a mission, would another player be able to complete, highjack, or perhaps destroy your objective? Suppose you are sent to pick up a particular object, but when you arrive at the destination, you discover that it's gone.

–The Tick

Answer 3Edit

Good question, I think that'd depend on the kind of mission, it's one of the things Tony Z and I are going back and forth about. We kinda think there'll be two different kinds of missions, those that are persistent and those that are instances. Persistent missions would be like if there was a pirate lord, and he only exists in one place at any time, and only one player or group of players would get to kill him, he wouldn't be killed in say 10 different instances. But there will definitely be missions that will be specific to you as a player, so you know, an idea would be you've got to fix a navigation satellite, perhaps that's a mission given to 20 different players, and the particular area where that satellite exists is an instance just for you, and each of the other players would also have individual instances for that satellite repair, there might be NPCs there, but it's player focussed.

Chris Roberts

Question 4 - Mission types for salvagersEdit

Thanks for green-lighting the surveyor/reclaimer/salvage mechanic. What mission types are you thinking might be in the game for salvagers?


Answer 4Edit

Certainly, I definitely think it's a good resource mining mechanic, so rather than actual resource mining, like going to asteroids or planets and mining seams, this is another way to go and take the remnants of a big space battle for more raw material and resources that goes back into the economy rather than just disappear. So that's definitely a large part of it, the other thing could be stripping functioning weapons off of destroyed ships, so you might find a dead destroyer that has a working gatling gun attached, you might find what parts are still useful, which you'd store in a separate hold and could sell or be repurposed. Those are the kind of typical missions you can expect, but we're also looking at the possibility of salvage type ships being involved in fixing/repairing other ships as well, though we are looking at maybe some specific ships for that task as well. I think salvaging will be a really interesting role to play in the PU, I could definitely see an org going to battle with a big ship at the rear for command and control, plus a salvage ship to go in and recover as much of the material or undamaged weapons etc so as not to leave money on the table so to speak.

Chris Roberts

Question 5 - Attacking ramming playersEdit

If an Aurora player heads on a collision course with my big expensive ship full of precious cargo, on a suicide run but doesn't arm weapons, am I allowed to shoot at him to protect my ship, or will I automatically be marked a criminal, since I'll technically be "shooting first"?


Answer 5Edit

No, I think in that particular case, we would determine whether that ship was on a collision course, and if you shot him to prevent him ramming you it wouldn't be considered you "shooting first". Of course, you couldn't be heading towards him, and say he was "ramming me". We haven't gotten into the determination of who is the aggressor in conflicts but we'll definitely be taking into consideration fringe cases like ramming people.

Chris Roberts

Question 6 - Renting itemsEdit

Will we be able to rent specific items and ship upgrades in game based of a "credit" system? For instance, if I am in good standing with the UEE and the banks, I could go down to a special equipment warehouse and rent a mission specific item (like a high end telescopic camera for an intelligence gathering mission?


Answer 6Edit

I think that's a good idea, we've definitely talked about the ability for players to loan out or rent their ships to other players, I think there would be an equal mechanic to potentially rent SHIPS in the game, we haven't specifically talked about renting items, but I don't see why it couldn't be a part of the same sort of loaning and renting mechanic. Hard to say whether it'll be in V1.0, but I think long term I think you'll definitely be able to rent or lease equipment the same way you do in real life. So I guess the answer would be yes, but probably not in V1.0.

Chris Roberts

Question 7 - Insurance cost scale per ship typeEdit

How will the cost of insurance scale in relation to ships? Will an M50 cost more to insure than say a Constellation because the M50 is designed for a much more dangerous usage i.e. racing versus cargo hauling? Or will it be based on size or ship price?

–Col. Shaggy

Answer 7Edit

First of all, all ships come with insurance, so it's not like you have to separately go and buy insurance for each ship, you'd just have to "re-up" your policy I guess if you don't have LTI, which won't be very expensive to do in the PU. Unless of course you "obtain" a ship in which case you'd probably have to get insurance separately. I guess the cost of insurance will be factored the same way it does in the real world, with the cost of replacement (and age) playing a part, as well as some component of what activities the ship is likely to be involved in (and the risks thereof), just like IRL a sports car tends to be more expensive to insure than a family wagon, or a caravan, because the sports cars typically drive faster and potentially get into more accidents. We haven't figured out 100% what we'll be doing with the insurance premiums, but we know we want to make it affordable. So while it'll be more expensive on bigger ships, you should be able to make more money with bigger ships (carry more cargo, win more space battles, take more salvage etc) so it'll all be proportional.

Chris Roberts

Question 8 - Underwater worldsEdit

Within Star Citizen there are a variety of water planets in various systems. Will there be underwater worlds with cities, communities, and unique opportunities? Perhaps ones that can be visited with special ships that can land in water or unique submersible craft that can be dropped out of a bay?

–General Jack Oneill

Answer 8Edit

There will definitely be water style planets, I don't think there will be underwater worlds or cities in V1, but it's a super cool idea which wouldn't be that difficult to implement to a certain level, just because the engine doesn't discriminate between water/air/space where ships are concerned, and already has an underwater set of options built into it. This would definitely be something cool we could implement down the track along with something that makes it different, rather than just looks.

Chris Roberts

Question 9 - Anonymous jobsEdit

In the PU will it be possible to remain anonymous? Think of "The Transporter" - going into a bar, meet the customer, getting paid in cash and then doing a job for him without knowing who I am.


Answer 9Edit

I think we'll definitely have the ability for you to take some anonymous style work in the universe, we've already talked about thinks like all ships having an ID number, but maybe you could jam that and hide it from scanners so it wouldn't be necessarily visible to others depending on your and their equipment. There will definitely be the option to take slightly "grey" missions, but it's still early days in figuring out mission mechanics, it's definitely something that we'll be folding into it, but I don't have a great answer for this right now, this IS the kind of nuance that we'll be looking into once the base mission system is laid out however.

Chris Roberts

Question 10 - Player revive / hospital shipsEdit

Will we be able to revive players that died, for example 5 or 10 minutes ago and we are near with our hospital ship to apply first aid, from permanent death?

–Matt B. Haviour

Answer 10Edit

The idea with a med bay and a few other things, like for instance with the FPS stuff, in the PU if you die you'll be recovered out in space, taken down to a med-bay on a planet or station, and repaired/recovered to the best of their ability, so think Luke Skywalker in the med-tank in Jedi. You might be left a little worse for wear, like a bionic part, scars etc. So we don't have the traditional death and respawn mechanic as other FPS titles. The same is true in ship-boarding scenarios. Our combat will be more tactical, more considered. Of course, being the future, your ability to patch someone up is significantly better than today's world, so if someone gets shot and taken down, you might be able to drag him back to cover and patch him up, but there's a certain amount of damage that can be fixed by say, med-packs, but you might be able to do more with a med-bay, and even more with a hospital ship. One of the ideas we want to have happen is if a boarding effort goes really badly, you want to be able to retreat back to your ship and get injured members of the party to medical help as soon as possible (within a period of time dependant on injuries) so they won't actually lose a "life" or "character" in the death of a spaceman mechanic.

Chris Roberts


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